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June 1, 2009


Price: SOLD

This was a commisioned pipe for a gentleman that wanted a slight variation on a previous pipe of mine. One of his requirements was a filter, something I normally don't allow for. I love doing commisions, it is normally quite a challenge to make a pipe according to another smoker's ideas. I hope it brings the new owner many years of smoking pleasure and friendship!


Stummel: briar
Height of bowl: 55mm
Depth of tobacco chamber: 49mm
Bowl size: 22mm
Length of pipe: 158mm
Stem material: vulcanite
Weight: 30g
Price: SOLD
This pipe was reserved for one of my favourite customers. He eventually decided to buy another pipe of mine, therefore it is for sale again.
The Dublin shape is one of my favourites, and this version one of the view that I am satisfied with. The long slender stem and shank, and the elegant bowl is really gorgeous. This pipe has a marvellous flow from rim to bit. One for those dreaded formal affairs!


Stummel: briar
Height of bowl: 57mm
Depth of tobacco chamber: 50mm
Bowl size: 22mm
Length of pipe: 155mm
Stem material: vulcanite
Weight: 52g
Price: SOLD
I just love the Cutty shape, but for some reason the general pipesmoking public shies away from it. Some people don't like the fact that the bowl rim is rounded and not flat. While others belief that the forward canted bowl doesn't allow for an easy smoke. Other makers might disagree with me, but for me personally the cant actually allows for even better centering of the draughthole in the bottom of the chamber.
Whatever your opinion, this is a beautiful shape and pipe.


Stummel: briar
Height of bowl: 48mm
Depth of tobacco hole: 42mm
Bowl size: 22mm
Length of pipe: 137mm
Stem material: vulcanite
Weight: 51g
Price: R1,200 ($160)
This is a nice, sturdy, manly pipe. I am not a great fan of rectangular stems, but this one works very nice for me. Great for those smokers that like a pipe to sit!