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September 19, 2013

It's Christmas!

A few times a year, I become like a little boy before Christmas. I check the post box every day, the excitement starts building. During the second week, I start checking twice a day. A parcel from the Mediterranean normally take 2 to 3 weeks. With every sound I hear from the street, I get up to go see if it is not the postman.
 Then I start getting anxious. Can it be that it got lost somewhere? Maybe the plane carrying the parcel fell into the sea? Maybe customs opened it and thought that it is firewood?
 Then one day, when I least expect it, there it is! The important little piece of paper from the Post office, with my name on it and saying that I have a parcel that I need to come collect.
 All plans for the day jump out of the window, pushed and shoved away. Nothing is more important now! With my heart racing, the keys get grabbed from the table and I get into the pick-up, tyres screeching around the corners. It's here, it's here!
 If it weren't for my ears, my smile would meet at the back of my head! I bounce into the Post Office, get the parcel and race back home. Pour myself a coffee, savour the moment and then opens the box to see what my wonderful friend have thrown my way this time!
I can do without my birthday. I can even do without Christmas. You can kill my dog, steal my food, crash into my car. But do not ever attempt to take this away from me!