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July 8, 2013

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

I had this volcano that needed to be blasted. Some beautiful grain made me anxious to see what the blast would  look like.
 The blast turned out stunning.
 But the airway showing up was not..
 I knew the airway was quite close to the top of the shank, but didn't think it was this close!
 Wouldn't you cry?

July 3, 2013

On the bench

I came into the shop the other day, had one look at the bench and promptly decided that a picture needs to be taken of this mess! Half a stummel and a block of briar is the only indication that this is the bench of a pipemaker.
 But lets move on to the pipes that I currently am busy with. These pipes have been cut from the same block of briar.
 The volcano was shaped first and then drilled.  The briar have beautiful grain, but a couple of flaws, very small but in strategic places, will necessitate sandblasting. I can't wait to see how the briar faerie will flourish her wand! You can see one of these flaws on the backside of the bowl in the photo below.
The other pipe is a dublin bamboo. Although I don't really make a lot of dublins, it is one of my favourite standard shapes. As with the volcano, this one will also be blasted. Small pinprick flaws on the back of the bowl and also a couple on the bottom.