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May 4, 2009


Stummel: briar (stained)
Height of bowl: 61mm
Depth of tobacco chamber: 49mm
Bowl size: 22mm
Length of pipe: 149mm
Stem material: vulcanite
Weight: 42g
Price: SOLD
Slim, elegant, beautiful curves. What more can a man ask for? And on top of all a brunette! Jokes aside, this is a stunning pipe. With amazing birdseye on the front of the bowl, this will make any pipestand proud.


Stummel: briar (stained)
Height of bowl: 53mm
Depth of tobacco hole: 34mm
Bowl size: 22mm
Length of pipe: 128mm
Stem material: vulcanite with kudu horn inlay
Weight: 40g
Price: SOLD
This little pipe is a treasure: it fits the hand as if moulded from it and also is a real pleasure to look at. The stunning flamegrain on the sides and front of bowl just emphasize it's beauty. There are a couple of sandpits on the bottom of the bowl and also a surface crack on the shank, but I couldn't push myself to rusticate. I think it was worth the while.


Stummel: briar (stained)
Height of bowl: 41mm
Bowl size: 22mm
Depth of tobacco chamber: 32mm
Length of pipe: 150mm
Stem material: vulcanite with white acrylic inlay
Price: SOLD
A nice long pipe for those of you that believe it results in a cooler smoke. The diamond-shaped shank and stem with white inlay makes it an elegant pipe for those dreaded formal affairs.