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June 1, 2010


Stummel: briar
Endcap: white acrylic
Height of bowl: 42mm
Depth of tobacco chamber: 36mm
Bowl size: 22mm
Length of pipe: 129mm
Stem material: vulcanite
Price: R1,200 ($160)
A billiard with a kick! A thicker shank, widening towards the stem and ending with the white acrylic, and then the slim and elegant stem. Works quite well together, don't you think?


Stummel: briar
Shank extension: african blackwood
Height of bowl: 39mm
Depth of tobacco hole: 35mm
Bowl size: 22mm
Length of pipe: 132mm
Stem material: vulcanite
Price: R800 ($110)

I have always been crazy about Lovats, and this one is no exception. There are a couple of external blemishes in the wood, therefore the very low price. As a sidenote: I never do fills and never try to hide pits or blemishes. Wood is a natural product and should be seen as such.