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April 5, 2009


Stummel: wild olive
Height of bowl: 52mm
Depth of tobacco hole: 47mm
Bowl size: 22mm
Length of pipe: 119mm
Stem material: vulcanite
Price: R1,000

This little dumpy with oval shaped bowl is a pleasure to hold. The heartwood on the back and front of the bowl is stunning. Drop me a mail if you would like to see more photos.


Stummel: wild olive
Stem: vulcanite
Price: N/A
Stunning, stunning grain on this one! I managed to orientate the grain just right for this Cherrywood. Very lucky if you consider the amount of useless wood you get from this type of wild olive. Given as a present to a pipesmoker-in-the-making friend of mine!


Stummel: guava (rusticated and stained)
Height of bowl: 54mm
Depth of tobacco hole: 33mm
Bowl size: 23mm
Length of pipe: 155mm
Stem material: vulcanite
Price: R1000
This pipe has been reserved for quite a while. The prospective buyer decided on another pipe, so now it's up for sale again. A nice flowing shape to have in your collection.