Welcome to my world of pipes. On these pages you will see some of what goes on in my workshop. A bit of work-in-progress, mess-ups (they do happen!) and also some other pipe-related posts.
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May 25, 2010


Stummel: briar
Height of stummel: 45mm
Depth of tobacco chamber: 39mm
Bowl size: 21mm
Stem material: vulcanite with acrylic ring
Length of pipe: 122mm
Price: R900 ($120)
A little pocket-sized pipe with a very thin bit. Unfortunately there are a couple of exterior blemishes (biggest one on the underside of the bowl), which is why the price is at such a steal.

May 16, 2010


Stummel: briar
Stem material: vulcanite
Price: Not for Sale
I have been wanting to to try my hand at one of these for a very long time. A couple of months ago, a customer came to me with an old Kiko of which the screw tenon was very loose. Unfortunately, when re-drilling, the meerschaum lining broke into pieces. Feeling sorry for the pipe's premature "death", I promised to make something similar. This is my result.

May 2, 2010


Stummel: briar
Height of bowl: 42mm
Depth of tobacco chamber: 35mm
Bowl size: 19mm
Length of pipe: 154mm
Stem material: vulcanite
Ring: sterling silver
Price: SOLD
I am not sure if you should call this an elongated billiard or maybe a liverpool with a long stem! All said, I think it is a very decent pipe with great classical lines. Enjoy!


Stummel: briar
Height of bowl: 38mm
Depth of tobacco chamber: 33mm
Bowl size: 19mm
Length of pipe: 153mm
Stem material: vulcanite
Price: R1,200 ($160)
With a small tobacco chamber, this pipe was made for those people who like their pipes to be on the smaller side. The reverse saddle bit was thrown in to make the pipe a little different to the norm.